Weekend update:

I went to visit the boyfriend this weekend. He is lucky enough to live in the city where Andy Warhol will be forever immortalized. I loved looking at the images of old celebrities and socialites and of course playing in the silver cloud room.

This cover of Warhol’s magazine, Interview, really stuck out.

I got in trouble for taking this one. Sorry Andy.

Just for fun

I am generally not inclined to believe in my horoscopes or palm readers, although I do think it is kind of fun and may have some truth to it. If you are a believer this book is for you. It tells you about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, health, etc. based on your birth date. My one warning is like any of these astrological theories, take it with a grain of salt. The book portrays what is the most extreme version of your self. If anything it will provide you with a lot of amusement, as it did with me and my friends.