I just want to brag for a minute and express to you how much fun I had at the Coldplay concert. If you are a self-proclaimed Coldplay fan and have never been to a concert, don’t be that person anymore. They are amazing and Chris Martin is a crazy man on stage.
The energy definitely transferred to fans, who Chris Martin complimented for being so in form on a Tuesday night. During “Lovers in Japan” day glo paper butterflies fluttered down from the rafters.
At one point they come into the crowd and sang “The Scientist”, before which they ran past my date waiting in line for his beer. And they ended the show with an encore, “Yellow”.

Simple lodgings

This is not a place for those of us who like our space. However, if you are a young adult, struggling writer/journalist, and are traveling to NYC, The Jane is the place for you. It’s rooms start at $99 a night and are styled after a ship’s cabin—about 50 sq. ft. When it was first completed in 1908 it was called the American Seaman’s Friend Society Sailors’ Home and Institute, designed by William A. Boring, the architect renowned for Ellis Island’s immigrant station.
Although the rooms are small it comes fully equipped with a single bed, luggage rack, free wireless internet, telephone with voicemail, 23-inch LCD television, DVD player, and iPod dock.
It looks extremely cozy and, if you are staying with a significant other, a fun place to exercise your spooning.
The only drawback—communal bathrooms. Suck it up and remember it can’t be as bad as some college bathrooms.