The game of life

As someone who is trying to decide if graduate school is in the future, it is nice to know that there are other forms of continuing education out there. I came across The School of Life, London, in the New York Times. Why would it be cool to go there? A. It would just be sweet to live in London. B. Everyone wants to unlock the seemingly forbidden and sometimes elusive secrets and purposes of life with other people who are just as thoroughly confused.
The courses are described as being about the big issues of life-love, politics, work, family, play. The instructors?-leading authors, artists, actors and academics combing their own experiences with ideas from “thinkers of the past.”
Wouldn’t you love to answer these questions: Why are relationships so complicated? What can we do about the ebbs and flow of attraction? What is the value of time alone?
And not only are you better understanding the fundamentals to living, but you are entering a surreal experience in which you actually discuss these personal experiences with complete strangers.
I personally think it would be interesting to take Introduction: Meals at the School of Life, a class dedicated to making amazing conversation with unfamiliar company. I think the topic of this school is conversation enough.

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