Movie round-up

I just saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno this weekend and it made me laugh. Above and beyond that…some horribly cheesy porn scenes and a sweet love story between two roommates.

Movie out on DVD. I don’t know how I hadn’t heard that The Strangers is actually not scary. It is quite suspenseful for the first 20 minutes, but after that you just wish that the movie would be over to spare the characters the embarrassment at how stupid they are for not being able to get out of the situation time and time again.

I also saw Rocknrolla, Guy Ritchie’s latest film. I just have to say that I love Gerard Butler and Thandie Newton. Toby Kebbell plays a very good, clean-shaven, sometimes philosophical junkie who is extremely well prepared for any situation that arises. Tom Wilkinson is a huge ass hole that you love to hate and Ludacris and Jeremy Piven create an equally interesting side story. The amount of heists, bad guys, and comical bad bad guys is worth a look.

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