The Reader

I have had a lot of good comments to make about movies lately. Luckily it is because a lot of good movies have been coming out. Valkyrie, Doubt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Wrestler—all good. The Reader, although the most depressing of the lot, was an extremely intriguing story. I would suggest seeing this movie or reading the book. I had to stop myself from bawling during parts of it.

The Wrestler

Wrestling has always been fake, but no one has ever done a movie about that bringing it into the realm of real, as far as I know. Everything in this movie shows the reality of wrestling from the wrestlers discussing what they are going to do before a show to the drug-taking washed-up character Mickey Rourke plays. The story is about a wrestler who is making a come back and Rourke’s first starring role in a movie since who knows when is nothing short of a parallel. His only friend, a washed-up stripper, is played by Marisa Tomei. His estranged daughter is played by Evan Rachel Wood. For old wrestler enthusiasts, this movie will give a feeling of nostalgia. For everyone else, Mickey Rourke does a great job and director Darren Aronofsky continues to do a good job portraying pain.

U.S. Nationals

Figure skating continued to be a sport that “skates on thin ice” with audiences Saturday night. The skater who won, Alissa Cziny, fell during her freestyle program. This was not a favorable outcome to many who were watching, but what people continue to forget is that the short program and the freestyle program scores are combined for a total score. So, really, it is entirely possible to have a bad skate and win the entire competition if at least one of your programs is flawless.
The judges could have given Cziny a lower score based on her freestyle performance, making her second or third even with the combined score, however, and this is why the sport might be losing popularity. The judges seemed to act on the knowledge that Cziny is a better skater in most instances and will be the best representative of the United States at Worlds. She may be closest to that complete package that Michelle Kwan had.
While artistry is just as important as the technical part of a program, at Worlds, it may come down to the jumps and if Cziny can’t be clean, there will be no saving her by the judges. Rachel Flatt who placed second also will be going to Worlds.

U.S. Figure Skating

In honor of the U.S. Nationals this week, I am posting what I think to be one of the quintessential Michelle Kwan programs. Although she is not competing, in my mind she sets the bar. Skating has moved away from the focus on artistry that you will see in her programs. The girls who are at the top of the sport now, are technically sound but do not have the same edge quality.

In this clip, it was the 2000 Worlds, and Michelle was in third place after the short program behind the Russians. She had to pull off her triple-triple combination to win the competition. It shows her resilience, heart, and ferocity as a skater. It is one of my favorite of her programs. I remember getting misty when I watched this on TV as she received the gold medal.

I am going to the Ladies Freestyle Program Saturday night. Although I don’t believe any of the current Ladies skaters will come close to her complete package, I can’t wait to see what the United States has to offer this year.


This necklace is obviously from JCrew.

But this one I created using a couple strands of gold necklaces that I already had and this ribbon, which I used to tie the two necklaces together on the side creating a similar look as the JCrew necklace. I didn’t have to buy anything. Even though I still think the JCrew one looks better, I think a good way to create the large statement necklaces we have been seeing is to double up on strands of your own necklaces.