Gettin Thrifty

In a recent New York Times video blog, Bill Cunningham, talks about women who relinquish old classic pieces from their wardrobes to keep it fresh even when they aren’t buying brand new outfits. I think it’s such a fabulous idea, but I am only 23, and still ridding my closet of skin tight denim skirts and possibly some lingering baby tees from what I like to call the dark ages. My wardrobe isn’t built up enough to bring out old classics yet. I am still building.
So, I thought it might be in my best interest to start recycling summer peices, such as the dress over jeans phenomenon. Yikes, I know, it makes me nervous too, but I think if done right it can look good. Thank goodness for the Sartorialist, who already wrote about this. If he approves it must be good.
Another way to save money but spruce up your wardrobe is to focus on accesories. They are much less expensive than buying entire outfits and can breathe life into an old ensemble. Sorry, that sounded like something from the home shopping network. 

Buy a scarf with an interesting pattern to wear with one of your plain sweaters.

Forever 21 $9.80

The nautical look is in right now so wear this necklace over a navy blue or striped top.
Forever 21 $3.80

Wear this belt over a long cardigan.

Forever 21 $8.80

2 thoughts on “Gettin Thrifty”

  1. Haha I feel the same way. I am only 24 and I feel like anything I wore before my 20\’s should be tossed… but I can not bring myself to do it because it all still fits. So bring on the baby tees! lol. Check out my style blog


  2. If you have an old baby tee with a really funny 90s phrase I think you should totally try to reuse it some way like layering with it. I don\’t know…could work?Love the style blog!


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