I am going to a social networking event. What should I wear? The parameters are business casual. I don’t know if I want to wear the typical business casual uniform, dress pants and a dressy blouse. However, that might be the most approachable. Or should I wear a bright skirt with an interesting pattern?

(Photo Bis by Pamela Hanson)

6 thoughts on “Advice”

  1. hmm well I\’ve never been to one of those so i don\’t know how great my opinion is, but i would go with a nice pair of wide leg dress pants and a cutesy, dressy top! I think that would be the most comfortable and approachable! Oh and i love that photograph..esp. her dress!


  2. I really appreciate your advice. I agree. I\’m sure there will be a mix of very formal accountant types and the more creative types like designers, which, as you know, usualy have a more lax work attire. I think I will be most comfortable somewhere in the middle.


  3. I attended the event last night and took both your advice. Everyone was dressed very similarly, and I felt confident. As much as I hated wearing them, it\’s like school uniforms, it just puts people at the same level. The only difference is with business casual you can choose whatever colors, textures, etc. that look best on you.


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