I saw Defiance this weekend. I know I need to start expanding my movie list from box office hits, but there is something that intrigues me about historical nonfiction. I suppose its just knowing that the story actually took place. Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, and Jamie Bell are the big names, and they all performed well in their roles. It really is an interesting story and I plan on reading the book. How did you like this? Do you want to see this?

4 thoughts on “Defiance”

  1. Found something I know a little about. I thought this movie was great. It wasn\’t too extravagant and you had the opportunity to have a look inside the life of normal citizens in a world event that seems to focus, especially in the media, on the most \”socially important\” events, not the people. It is refreshing to watch a movie focused almost entirely on the oppressed citizens and their struggle and triumph throughout a turning point of WWII.


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