Perhaps a change…

Photo courtesy of Condé Nast Store.

I will be away for a while revamping The Cosmopolitan Clevelander. I may change the name, the purpose, and the focus of this blog to fill a specific niche on the Internet. Sticking with the theme of worldliness it might transform into a travel and global culture site. Please leave your feedback on this change. I want to know what you are looking for and what you liked about The Cosmopolitan Clevelander thus far. Please leave your email address in the comments section if you want me to email you when I return.

6 thoughts on “Perhaps a change…”

  1. Thank you for pointing me toward the Conde Nast store! What a great find! I believe the blog world needs as much amazing photography as possible so if you can keep that up…. I also like your fashion finds… 🙂 good luck.


  2. Sometimes a little time away is all you need. I\’m not one to give suggestions – my blog is all over the place and I\’ve never been able to focus on any one topic.


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