Is J.Crew becoming more?

J.Crew has always been there for us, providing the classics every year with little twists along the way. It’s no surprise that Michelle Obama dons the clothing, as they seem to epitomize this Jackie Kennedy persona. Now, other famous people seem to be accepting J.Crew as their source for putting together an ensemble worthy of the most fashionable events and places, such as the red carpet. Robin Roberts from ABC’s Good Morning America may wear J.Crew’s Coral Halter Gown to the Academy Awards (found at J.Crew Aficionado). I love J.Crew and their styles seem to never fail. What do you think about someone wearing J.Crew on the red carpet? Will this increase in popularity give them the right to sell their clothes at much higher prices? Will they change their image to outfit this new group of consumers?

1 thought on “Is J.Crew becoming more?”

  1. Though I can appreciate J. Crew, and I generally like the simplicity and clean lines they create, it has never been my style. So when it comes to red carpet fashion, I want something unique and daring. Something transcendent. And I don\’t think J.Crew has what it takes to give me that kind of \”artistic orgasm.\”


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