On relationships: date idea

Photo via Kerri Ladish.

I know this may sound a little indulgent, but on Sunday, when the weather was unbelievably nice, and we were in a little need of food and hydration, we went cafe hopping in the local Italian neighborhood. We had two different antipastis, several glasses of beer, and enjoyed conversation and people watching. The key to the system working is to walk around before eating again. We burned off some of the calories by walking to the art museum, which is several blocks away and then around the circumference of its park. But, then you can go right back to eating and being lazy. It’s great!

La Dolce Vita

The media and our new first lady

There are an endless number of photos of Michelle Obama in the news and online. A newly found source is New York Magazine’s Michelle Obama lookbook. It contains photos of what she wears almost every day. I just found a new way to procrastinate at work. But, it makes me think, is this too much? Or are we just feeling the effects of the digital age applied to a truly beloved first lady? What do you think?

New J.Crew and big red lips

You may or may not know that I have a retail obsession for J.Crew, despite the fact that I can’t afford their regularly priced items. When I wear their clothes I feel effortlessly stylish without a ton of thrill and nothing too unexpected, just classic. 

So, the new arrivals are in, and I love the make up and hair styling of the models for this. I love that little attention was paid to the model’s eyes, and she is wearing bright lipstick. She almost looks like an older Barbie Doll with just the really dark mascara and big red lips. 
I have seen this in one of the consumer beauty/fashion mags as a trend for spring. I might have to try it out.