The underwear question

My friend and I were discussing this the other day: Is Victoria’s Secret really the best place to purchase underwear? You would think it is because everyone and there mother shops there, but is there another source that I don’t know about? My friend said that she sometimes goes to Nordstroms. Is there any other place where people shop for undies and swear by? I just need to know!

Photo from Flickr.

2 thoughts on “The underwear question”

  1. VS is only great to me during their semi annual sale! 2.99-4.99 you cant beat! its great! for all underwear needsbut to be honest..this might sounds weird, but I get alot of mine from Forever21 for real cheapnordys rack is great tooI dont like to spend alot of underwear but I like to be feminine and cute


  2. Haha, thank you for commenting on this! I was a little worried I scared people off by asking them about their under garments. That is a good idea. I have bought from there before and was satisfied. I also think H&M has really cute underwear for good prices.


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