TV musings

I have to ask, has anyone been watching the bachelorette? I don’t usually watch these attempts at matchmaking, but my sister was watching it, and I decided to tune in. I didn’t know what I thought would happen when you put 16 men in a house together. I didn’t really expect there to be much drama like you see with the girls on the bachelor, backstabbing their way to the top. And at first it seemed that the men were just being men, even calling each other by nickname and fraternizing in the hot tub with their vodka tonics. But, then one of them (David?) freaks out because Juan has decided to take up his time with Jillian. The aftermath was hilarious. David rounded up the other guys to form some kind of mutiny against Juan. And I am pretty sure the term Cheese A** was thrown out there. Ridiculous. I was just wondering if anyone else had seen it and found it as amusing as I did. Also, did anyone watch Conan last night? It’s too late for my bed time.

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