The Globe had a very interesting Q&A with Scott Schuman, a street-style blogger, better known as the Sartorialist. He brings to the table a fresh perspective on fashion. The idea behind the blog is that people are inspired by what other people are wearing day-to-day, not by fashion labels. I couldn’t agree more. I have my fair share of fashion icons and I love to look at the pretty dresses and outfits every season, but it is hard to be inspired by an expensive outfit that I will never be able to buy. I am much more inspired by everyday people who achieve a flawless look, but then you find out they are wearing a hand-me-down or something they found at a thrift store. That is much more interesting. 

Being romanced

Look at this romantic dress from Tuleh’s Fall line. I love the deep blue color and the ruching, as pointed out in’s trend report. I actually think it is way too early to be thinking about fall, but I couldn’t help but sneak a peak since Fall is my favorite season. I especially love dressing for fall. I love nothing more than sweaters, boots, and earthy colors…long walks on the beach, poetry…yadda yadda yadda.


My favorite new beach cover up is my boyfriend’s button down dress shirt. It’s kind of like a kaftan, but more casual and a tad bit sexier. It helped me cover up the inevitable sun burn I had on my arms. No need to steel his since so many retailers are selling a boyfriend variety shirt. I am sure that Target or Marshalls have shirts that will work just the same. I’m bringing trends to the streets and the beach….right.