For the shopping impaired: Mango

“You can’t have a de mango!”-Chris Kattan

What Cleveland shopping lacks are those unique, totally random boutiques where you can sometimes find clothing that looks and feels expensive, but isn’t, because it’s a boutique, and they are allowed to do that to you. Those of us who are strapped for cash in Cleveland can’t taste the forbidden fruit of small boutiques in Chicago and New York—unless of course they have a Web site. Mango started in Spain, moved throughout Europe, and there are a couple of stores in the United States, so it is still relatively small. I have never actually tried to buy something from the online store, so I don’t know where they ship from. All I know is that they have fashion forward designs that are reasonably priced. I love these items they have for the fall and just forget about the summer sale. The prices and the styles are definitely worth looking at even if you can only wear it for one more month.

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