Race for the Cure

I have decided to participate in Race for the Cure by running competitively. I have chosen to do this for a number of reasons. I knew it would motivate me to work out and would provide me with an interesting challenge that I have never taken on before (5k). But, more importantly, my aunt is a breast cancer survivor, and I think it is so important to keep women informed about their health and how they can prevent or detect this disease. If you are interested in the Susan G. Komen organization and its efforts, please pledge your support by going to my personal page. Thanks for your support!

2 thoughts on “Race for the Cure”

  1. You are so stinking cute! good luck with training! What a wonderful reason to train! There is this great running book for women but I have totally blanked on the name. It is very inspirational. I am traveling right now but when I get home I will get you the title.


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