Apparently my blog-o-versary has come and gone without me even noticing. I am only mentioning this because so many other bloggers seems to celebrate it in the form of a post. It seems strange that a word like that has even entered the English language. There are ways to celebrate literally everything. If I had more foresight I would have gone to this Web site so my blog could have been showcased for all to see on the special day (Sept. 2, 2008). The site also provides a timer to count down until my blog-o-versary.
It is weird to think that for the past year I have partially occupied my time by keeping a Web log of things that interest me. Before blogging I would have never documented any of these thoughts. I am pretty partial to keeping a journal, but now that has fallen to the way side for a more public means of expressing myself. I guess this is just one more area in which we can now document and store every passing thought. For example, I will never forget what I was thinking on September 3, 2008 because I blogged about it—that’s weird to think about.
I also have noticed that I have gotten “good” at blogging. You would never think one would need to be “good” at compiling one’s thoughts on a Web log, but I have learned from other blogs the unwritten rules of blogging. I have refined the point of my blog, but there is still room for more refinement. It’s constantly evolving.
Anyways, these are just things that would never have occupied my thoughts before, and just like facebook and twitter, there are a whole new set of rules for communicating. So, in conclusion, I remain torn about the positives—organization of thoughts, reliving my interests, communicating with people normally outside of my reach—and the negatives—spending long amounts of time in front of a computer, becoming more egocentric and doing it publicly, and using up a lot of time.

1 thought on “Blog-o-versary”

  1. Happy blog-o-versary! I completely agree, it's nice to be able to go back and read what you were inspired by or thinking about. It's a learning process, and a great hobby to get into. Keep up the good work!


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