Fall happenings

There are a couple of things that happen to indicate that fall is creeping in. The obvious one is that the leaves change. I saw my first completely yellow-leaved tree today in the office parking lot.
Another thing that happens that is slightly annoying is that it starts to stay dark outside even at 6 am and 6:30 am, so that my body thinks I should still be asleep. I will be in a hibernation-like state from now until spring time. I may just fall asleep at my desk for no apparent reason.
Probably the best sign that fall is right around the corner are the strange, pop-up Halloween stores that appear out of thin air. I am sure you are familiar with them. They usually have names like Halloween Town, and the billboards that line the freeway advertise them as if the world’s largest ball of yarn has planted itself in your city for a short period of time. Even the most stable shopping center is not immune to them. Somehow, a vacant store that you didn’t even notice before, becomes an awesome destination for your costume or wig or those funny little graveyard decorations that people put in front of their houses.
Sept. 9 is a pretty early sighting for one of these stores. This is probably another attempt to make the most out of our economic slump and create consumer interest. I don’t know if shopping has picked up, but I would get to one of these stores fast if I were you. Last year all of the good costumes were taken by the time I visited one. It was a week before Halloween though.

(Photo by me)

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