Cheap & Trendy

My friend and I went shopping yesterday to look at the fall trends and accomplish some “missions”. I know Vogue said that red is big for fall, but what I kept noticing in every store were a lot of grays and purples. I inevitably ended up with some gray tights and purple shoes. We also saw some especially cute frilly purple cardigans. In most stores you couldn’t buy one for under $60 or $40. And for an item that is purple, that doesn’t necessarily go with everything, you may not want to pay that much. So that is why I have to unleash my dirty little secret—shopping at Sears. I am totally one of those people who will buy all of my trendiness at places like H&M and F21, but why go there, the land of disintegrating clothes, when you can find cheap, fairly well made clothes at Sears. This cute cardi will only cost you $22.49, and it is not made of a material that will unravel as you wash it.

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