Day 5 NYC Spring 2010
Day 5 was one of my favorites especially with pieces from Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan.

Jill Stuart was studded, spandexy and short. It was hard to pick out a favorite. The touches of the eighties were not my favorites and despite having an original twist at times the looks did nothing aesthetically for me.

Zac Posen was martian green with strange lips, hearts, and hands as embellishments. Other colors including hot pink were mixed in making it look either like a character out of Willy Wonka or an eighties music video. See-through jackets? Some big prints and color pairings were right on, like the use of pink and orange and the draped evening dresses.

Donna Karan really looked feminine with structured yet flowing materials and shapes.

Thakoon certainly had original pieces: Large graphic prints on geometrical dresses, some scuba-inspired leggings or pants, loose fitting and tight clothes paired together creating interesting shapes. Some of these pieces were not really my cup of tea, but I found some draped dresses and floral prints that appeased my senses.

Marc Jacobs designs looked like visions that were artistic and new drawing upon old, but did not completely suspend reality. Button down blouses were paired with long frilly dresses, frilly dresses with large details and shoulders, and all of it with pale make up and tight ballerina buns. And not to mention one of the most beautiful blue jackets I have ever seen. I have never loved a shade of blue more.

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