Monday night birthday

I had a great time over the weekend celebrating the 30th birthday of one of my friends, and today is another friend’s birthday. We are celebrating by going to the Greenhouse Tavern, yet another new restaurant to pop up on East 4th street. As implied by the name, the restaurant tries to be green while having farm fresh foods. I am very very excited about trying the Ohio tomato pasta with yellow tomato, basil, summer squash, and pancetta and the goat cheese tart with Lake Erie creamery goat cheese, heirloom tomato salad, and herbs. I am also very intrigued by some of the items on their menu of libations. They have a cocktail called Old Rye Sour, which has fresh orange pulp, preserved cherry, sugar, homemade sour mix, bitters, rye whisky, and soda water.
I would love to sit outside on the patio, however, it is raining, cold, and windy here.

Editor’s Note: Since I wrote this post I have tried this restaurant and the following are my thoughts. I ended up starting with the House made Fromage Blanc, which was mixed with thyme and served with grilled bread. It was a delicious and light starter. I had the Apple and Butternut Squash Risotto as my entree, and it also was surprisingly light, but very, very good. There is something a little weird about the way the menu has been written. There are a lot of different serving sizes on the menu, and If I had known my serving was going to be so small I would have ordered a side. The Old Rye and Sour was not very tasty, and I should have taken the recommendation from the waitress to add some grapefruit juice. Overall, I would guess everything on the menu is really good, just find out the serving size from your waitress and take recommendations when ordering cocktails.

4 thoughts on “Monday night birthday”

  1. Thanks for the tip about the serving size. I am going to check out a middle eastern restaurant in Beachwood tonight called Taza. Have you ever been there? My sister said it's very authentic. We shall see!


  2. I love love Taza. The people there are very friendly. I am not an aficionado on middle eastern food, but everything I have had there was good. And it is wallet-friendly.


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