This weekend…

I would like to get some me-time this weekend. Being in a long distance relationship, my weekends are always busy and full of fun activities with my beau, but that usually doesn’t allow me to take care of me things. I am usually rushing around during the week after work to run my errands. I hate spending my time outside of work running errands so here are a list of things I would like to accomplish this weekend to get the me-time I want.

1. Window shopping- I don’t know why, but I have always loved window shopping. I am a sucker for consumer marketing, display windows, and those outdoor experience shopping centers. I don’t even need to buy anything (but usually do) to enjoy myself. I just need someone to walk and talk with and a cup of coffee and I’m all set. Christmas is going to be here sooner than later, and it’s nice to get ideas or make some early purchases.

2. Read- It would be nice to make a dent in the large pile of books that people have recommended to me and the ones I have promised myself I would read. As an editor, my eyes are often too tired after work to even think about reading something, so it’s hard to fit that in. And there are so many books I want to read.

3. Run- I am in training, kind of. I want to run more 5ks, and it is important that I stay on a consistent schedule of running. And I only have another couple of months of good outside running before it is too cold and snowy.

4. Movie- When I am with the beau we love to go see movies. And I really enjoy it. But when we are not together it is sometimes hard to coordinate schedules with friends and family to see a movie. So I just don’t go. I have to go to a movie this weekend even if alone, and I still need to see Inglorious Basterds.

5. Cook- This weekend I want to try to make this recipe for Late Autumn Casserole. It is perfect for the weather we are currently having. And it is a great for a blog post if it goes well.

6. Get Together- Now that my friends and I are all grown up it is hard to see each other because of our schedules. Tonight a couple of us will be getting together for drinks and dinner.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. What are you up to?   

(Photo via A Cup of Jo)

6 thoughts on “This weekend…”

  1. you know i'm the same, such a sucker for a good window display, I always look for the window because I know they put their best in the window to draw you into the store… I often end up buying it even if I don't try it on because I just want it so bad – not good ay… Love your blog too – Im following it


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