Coat Crazy

I have a million coats. I have a long, red spring coat, a herringbone winter coat, a black pea-coat, a long, black puffy coat, and I have a trench coat and that doesn’t include my jackets. Oh and I have a ski jacket. Two maybe. But for some reason I can’t get enough. I really don’t need anymore coats. And not to mention you only wear a coat when you are running from your car to a building so you really don’t even need to put much effort into it. I guess it must be my obsession with details. I think it comes with being an editor. I am now obsessed with the idea of getting a navy blue pea-coat with a hood. Kind of like this one from Old Navy. Maybe I will purchase it when it goes on sale so I don’t feel as guilty purchasing something I really don’t need. I feel better having shared my obsession. 

2 thoughts on “Coat Crazy”

  1. Nonsense! A various array of coats in Ohio weather is an absolute must!Besides, I have a coat/jacket obsession myself. And us detail-oriented obsessors need to have some sort of excuse, right? Right.-Tracy


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