An Education

Hello! How were your Thanksgivings? I had a wonderful time just being with my family and eating my weight in food.

Over the weekend I saw An Education, the movie about a young girl (Carey Mulligan) seduced by an older man (Peter Sarsgaard). The movie is exciting and adventurous as Jenny has expensive dinners, goes to concerts, and takes a trip to Paris with David. At the same time it makes you feel uncomfortable as she questions her morals and priorities. Despite the tension it is an intriguing story. I love the setting—London in the 60s. I am hoping to find the original memoir by Lynn Barber.

New publications

Have you checked out Lonny? It’s the new online design publication created by former Domino market assistant, Michelle Adams and freelance photographer, Patrick Cline. The name is a hybrid of London and New York.You can find tips on design and fashion and they have integrated the ads into editorial so you can shop as you read. I am excited to delve further into the first issue and I am certainly going to stay tuned for more issues. I would love to have the freedom to create my own publication with my own vision.

Christmas gift guide: Boyfriends

Now comes the Christmas guide for your hipster/preppy boyfriend who is impossible to shop for. Starting things off, pictured above is the Aston Martin from Casino Royale because that really is what he wants. Find more after the jump. (And no peeking!)

He will think these Red Wing boots from UO are really cool.

L’HOMME YSL for men is probably one of my favorite fragrances. Would it be OK if I wore a men’s fragrance?
Vintage cuff links seem to be really popular right now. I am sure you can find some on Etsy or if you make a visit to your local antique shop.

Being in a long distance relationship, we often spend a lot of time in the car either alone or together and either way the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album is great driving music.

It tells the time and is an iPod speaker. Enough said.

One trend that I am loving right now in menswear is the Chambray shirt.

For the beer snob, Noel baladin. It’s a Belgian beer produced in Italy and it is really, really good.