Talk amongst yourselves: How do you shop?

I am probably going to do most of my Christmas shopping this weekend. I know it’s crazy, and I know it’s before Black Friday, but I feel like I do my best work under the least amount of pressure and when the malls aren’t crowded with crazy people trying to find their children the toy that sings and makes you pancakes at the same time.
That got me thinking about how I shop for clothes. I don’t take a big shopping trip once or twice a year to stock up. I just leisurely peruse sale racks and my favorite stores when I feel like it. Or I get an idea for an outfit that I have to have, and I go out and buy the different pieces and parts. I realize this might not be the most effective way of shopping. I haven’t taken inventory of what I already own, and I have just recently started to make wish lists of things I want, but don’t own. How do you shop?

(Photo by Rodney Smith)

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