Christmas Gift Guide: Sisters

Like I said, I am going Christmas shopping this weekend. I know most of you are not that crazy. So to help you out here is a shopping guide for all of you who have sisters. I realized that me and my sisters usually end up wanting the same things, which is why we would sometimes get matching gifts from our parents. Shopping for them is pretty easy for the most part, but we do have our differences.

Get them something trendy. If they don’t like black leather leggings, get them a toned down trend like Gap’s plaid shirts.
Make sure they stay warm this winter with a cowl neck scarf.

Help them to be eco-friendly with reusable shopping bags.

For the sister who used to love the X-Files and still loves the sci-fi genre, Star Trek.

Ok, I don’t have anything cute to say for this one, but this is just a really funny movie. Someone will love the Hangover.

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