Football game in December

Today is supposed to be one of the coldest days in Cleveland so far this winter. And I am going to watch the Browns play the Steelers at the Cleveland stadium that is right next to Lake Erie, which brews up some of the worst lake effect snow around. I am fully prepared for the elements. I am wearing my hunter wellington rain boots including the fleece inserts, and I am wearing my fleece pajama pants under a baggy pair of jeans, as well as three layers under my long puffy coat. I am going to wrap a scarf around my face, gloves, hat, and I will be ready for some football. Here is a clothing guide if you find yourself in a similar predicament.

2 thoughts on “Football game in December”

  1. My boyfriend and I had tickets to go to this game, but changed our minds when we realized how cold it was going to be. I could barely pump my gas I was freezing!! You are probably there as I type this..hope you stayed warm!


  2. The cold wasn't too bad. It was the anxiety that set in after the Steelers lost that was really bad. I assume you are Browns fans, so congrats! It has been a long time coming.


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