Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren has been a style icon for quite a long time. After seeing her interview on Sunday Morning and with her new movie Nine coming out, based on the Felini movie 8 1/2, I was inspired to put together these photos and some looks on Polyvore that I think encompass her style. Over time, as her style has evovled, she has always looked polished. She looks just as good in old photos as she does in newer photos; and she has achieved a timeless look. To achieve that kind of look, I think it takes knowing your own style, sticking with the classics, and not falling into the trap of trends that aren’t right for you.
Sophia Loren Inspiration
Sophia Loren Inspiration by The Cosmopolitan Clevelander featuring Lipsy


Hello all! I know that right before Christmas it gets to be very stressful. And it is not good to keep all of that anxiety bottled up. So I invite you all to vent in the comments section, but end your comment with something positive.

For example: I still have Christmas shopping to do and I didn’t have enough vacation days to take off the three days I have to work next week, but I am excited to get cozy this weekend and sit next to our live tree that smells great and maybe watch Love Actually for the 1 millionth time.

Just remember that things don’t need to be perfect. Don’t focus on the little details just let it go and remember to have fun. I love the holidays because I get to spend a lot more time with my family. Think about what you love about the holidays and do that instead of getting caught up with the perfect present or whatever.

So what are you worried about? Or what is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Men’s Style: Age difference

Aren’t these images from this New York Times article funny? The article makes the claim that an affluent older man is more likely to be dressed down than his younger, poorer counterpart. Very interesting. I know a few young men myself who love to break out the elaborate vests and sweaters. A Continuous Lean today, features a Marlon Brando LIFE archive as he prepares for his role in, “The Men”. Although he may be more relaxed here because of the role he is preparing for, I think style back then was just more simple anyways.

Wish (more like dream) list: Oscar de la Renta

Do you read Glamour? I think it is one of those magazines that has good outfit ideas that are actually affordable. And the bloggers on their site are witty and fun. I sometimes like to pop over there when I am bored at work just to see what people are blogging about. January’s 2010 cover features Sarah Jessica Parker—SJP. Doesn’t she look great? On the cover she is wearing an Oscar de la Renta sequin bolero. It is sooo gorgeous, but so out of my price range. I think this Urban Outfitters sequin jacket for $68 would be a fun, cheap alternative. I am, along with everyone else, obsessed with sequin garb.