Resolution and snow

Cleveland has been and will continue to be in a snow/cold weather lock down for the next week. It hasn’t been above 25 degrees and the snow seems to be never ending. Personally, I love the snow. I don’t even mind driving in it.

So I am starting my new year with a little resolution. Actually, I have several resolutions, but I am too embarrassed to share them all so I will just share one for right now.
I am resolving to go on a shopping freeze for the next three months. That means clothes, cheap DVDs in the 3 for $20 bin at Blockbuster, and most important, impulse buys. That doesn’t mean, however, gifts. I just bought my sisters their birthday presents today and had to resist buying myself a $10 dress just for the sake of the price.
That also doesn’t mean the bridesmaid dress that I will be buying for my sister’s wedding this spring. So nothing that would be purchased out of necessity.
I can give a couple reasons for doing this, but mostly this decision has as little precedence as most things I just happen to decide to do. I guess you can call me impulsive by nature, which is one of the reasons to give this a try: the ability to exhibit some self control. Another reason is to try to save money. And lastly, I hope to make better decisions about the things I purchase, which goes along with that whole self control thing.
Wish me luck! Good luck with your resolutions!

3 thoughts on “Resolution and snow”

  1. shopping freeze!!! I love it! I need to do that… only mine will start AFTER I visit the Victoria secret semi annual sale… I m addicted. what can I say. I am doing MAJOR budgeting this year!I like your shopping freeze idea. I might have to do that!


  2. Thanks! I know, I should have waited until after all of the big sales, but I think that will give you even more incentive. I feel like I don't need anymore clothes because I got so many for Christmas. So for right now it's easy. But even if you do it for one month I bet you could save a significant amount.


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