Shopping temptations

Number one rule while trying to not spend money: Don’t go into Forever 21. Rule number two: Don’t go into Target.
I think these two places are my biggest weaknesses because they always feed my need for instant gratification. I can walk into either of these stores and find something I could justify buying whether it’s really cheap or it’s the perfect trendy piece for my wardrobe.
When I went into Target the other day to exchange CDs, I was bombarded with their spring clothes. It’s January and they already have a fully stocked section of bathing suits and cover ups as well as cute spring dresses. I have been able to avoid Forever 21. I haven’t even looked at its Web site for weeks, but Target is a much easier place to get caught in.
If I am going to stay strong, I will need to avoid both of these stores for as long as possible. But I thought I would post some things I spotted there so you can understand the torute I am going through. Look at the cute patterns on these dresses. And the frilly bathing suit!!! WAHHHHH!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Shopping temptations”

  1. i had to laugh to myself after ready the first couple sentences of your posts — that is totally me!! thanks for the heads up on the spring lines in target and forever21, i will be sure to steer clear!! (i'm trying to save money too)


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