Totes tested

I am not much of an accessorizer and that goes for bags too. That’s possibly why people tend to buy me jewelry and purses for gifts, because I don’t buy my own, and I end up wearing the same ratted, torn bag around everywhere. I think when this shopping freeze is up it could be time to invest in a good bag. But what is the best bag out of the tote variety? We all know that everyone is packing Longchamp, but here are some other purses that I have noticed, and I wonder how they compare.

The first time I saw this Bucket Bag from JPK Paris was in a winter Nordstrom catalog. I love the gold hardware and the jewel colors that it comes in. It does seem a little deep, like I would have to go searching for things with a flashlight. It is the cheapest out of these bags right now as it is on sale at Nordstrom for $109.

I was also introduced to Saltbox based in New York. These bags come in fun, colorful patterns. They also have a lot of pocket space, which is a good thing. It also looks like it has structure, like it wouldn’t get flimsy after a while. It is a little more expensive at $145.

Then there is Longchamp. It’s downfall: everyone has one! It also seems somewhat shapeless, and I could see myself trying to fit way too much into it, making it look like a bulky unattractive mess. It is, however, very classic and would go well with most outfits.

Does anyone want to weigh in their two cents?

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