Lesson learned: Classic versus trendy

I can’t believe I have been through an entire month without buying any clothes. I have had no impulse buys, and I haven’t walked into a Forever 21 since before Christmas. I am pretty excited. I feel liberated. I am not thinking about the next trendy piece I need to add to my wardrobe, and I have been able to be more creative in shopping my own closet. I have been forced to find new outfits, and I am surprised at the new creations I have come up with. I am starting to think and day dream of what my first purchase will be after my three-month spending freeze is up. I am of course thinking of something practical and classic that will last a long time. I could really use a new pair of black pumps that can be worn to both work and out with my friends. Does anyone have any recommendations? Are there a pair of black pumps you can’t live without?

(Photo from Fashion Gone Rogue)

4 thoughts on “Lesson learned: Classic versus trendy”

  1. I just got a pair of black Balenciaga booties that my grandmother picked out for me that I have a feeling are going to be a staple in my closet. I saw the same pair in brown on Bluefly if you're interested (though I\”m not sure if that's what you're looking for). Anyway, with shoes, I've found designer seem to last longer.


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