Outfits for Valentine’s Day

Here are some outfits I would wear for Valentine’s day if I was not on a spending freeze and if I had any clue what our plans are. We can’t really plan for days like Valentine’s day being in a long-distance relationship (by long distance I mean 120 miles between Pittsburgh and Cleveland). But I think that makes it more fun and much more relaxed. We don’t have to put up with lines of people and reservations, and we can just do whatever we feel like doing when we do decide to celebrate, which will probably consist of something we would have done even if it wasn’t Valentine’s day.

So my outfit picks for any kind of date or special day you have planned consist of fun skirts, floral prints, and frilly shirts paired with cardigans and tights of course. It’s not quite warm enough for some of these looks.

Do you have anything more interesting planned?

(Images from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and J.Crew)

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