Happy Valentine’s Day!

So obviously Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and I have been seeing some pretty cute gifts lists and ideas for Valentines on other blogs so I thought I would share this sweet story my sister, Maria told me about her fiancé Peter. He surprised her with an early wedding/Valentine’s Day gift.

From our Gchat:

“So Peter and I went to the bookstore, and I saw this book by an author who had only written one book, but I LOVED so I was going to get it and peter said ‘um…please don’t’ because he had bought it for me as a wedding gift. So then he said he could give it to me for Valentine’s Day instead. So then I got it, and it turned out he had called the bookstore in Michigan and had the author sign it for me with the inscription ‘For Maria, Congratulations on your marriage, Elizabeth Kostova 2010’”

How sweet is that? If you knew my sister you would understand. She is like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. All she wants is a library full of boos. The book is The Swan Thieves if you are interested.

Also, the image above is from a book shop in San Francisco that filled its store front with love letters. Check it out on Design Sponge.

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