Happy Friday and a summary of the ladies free

If you watched the ladies free program last night you witnessed six girls from very different backgrounds and with very different stories compete. Kim Yu-Na from South Korea won gold after scoring a world record 228.56. Her perfomance appeared to be flawless and she moved and skated with the maturity of someone much older. Pressuring her and maybe motivating her was a country that expressed it would not congratulate a 2nd place medal. Then the Canadian, Joannie Rochette, had to finish this event after skating a flawless short program fueled by the emotion of losing her mother only two days prior. She skated a fully deserving bronze medal performance and should be proud of herself. She only made a few mistakes in the free. Mao Asada, the firey Japanese skater, had to skate after these two stunning performances and nervousnes set in as she made a few mistakes but was still able to land both triple axels making her the first woman to land three triple axels in one event handily giving her the second place spot. Miki Ando who is known to be a good technical skater had an uninspired program with mistakes placing her in fifth. The American girls had a good showing. Mirai Nagasu skated beautifully and should be proud of her fourth place finish. Once her program becomes more technically challenging she will become a major threat in the world arena. Rachel Flatt delivered a smooth program, but some of her jumps were cheated and she lacks the elegance and grace on the ice as her competitors and she finished seventh. What were your thoughts on the ladies programs?

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