The spades

I recently saw this article while reading this blog. After reading this blogger’s highlights of the article I had to read it for myself. The story of how the Spades turned a simple and elegant black bag into a successsful business and brand is so interesting to me. It’s one of those ideas that seems so simple. It makes you wish you could come up with the next easy to produce, must have item for the decade. I was also extremely intrigued by the mind set behind the marketing and creation of this brand. It seemed like it was such a personal endeavor for them, which is what made it so unique.

“The Spades are from the Midwest. They like to get together with their old friends and stay up late. They like things to be classic and they like the color Kelly green. They came to the city, but they didn’t set about erasing the people they were before they got here, and they still have that outsider’s endless thrill of how cool is this art gallery? How great is this weird smelly record store?”

Definitely a must read article:
Read more: Spring Fashion 2010 – Inside Kate and Andy Spade’s New Business Venture — New York Magazine

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