Movie style on the runway

I was watching Casablanca a couple of weeks ago and noticed this dress worn by Ingrid Bergman. It reminded me of a dress I saw on the spring runway from Tommy Hilfiger. It looks like they were going for a look that could be worn in an exotic coastal town with a flair for french style. It’s interesting to find the many sources for the nautical trend that’s hot right now.

Here are some other looks I liked from the TH spring runway. I don’t usually look to designers like TH for a lot of inspiration or for something different. Sometimes it’s fun though to look at the classic shapes and designs that make a line like this one work season after season. It’s also fun to just imagine wearing the pretty dresses and clothes that are wearable in everyday life. Or at least looks that you hope you could fit into your life, if you were that glamorous all the time.

2 thoughts on “Movie style on the runway”

  1. It's totally Casablanca!! I took a pic while watching Turner Classics on TV last week – I'm getting inspired by Rita and Lana 🙂


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