What to wear: Dinner with friends

So I have a dinner date tonight with my friends at a restaurant I haven’t tried yet. I have no idea what the ambiance is like, the lighting, or the dress code. The Web site is generic and gives no photos of the location. That made me think that this problem may present itself more often than not. Here is my go-to outfit in this situation. If you have any reason to believe it might be a fancier restaurant, I think it’s okay to overdress. And in that case, I think a pretty skirt and a cardigan will work wonders. The skirt will make you look dressy, but a relaxed fit cardigan and some subtle accessories tone the outfit down. Some clues like, what kind of businesses surround the restaurant and if it’s an early dinner or a later dinner will also help you decide between wearing a little black dress or jeans and a nice top. What’s your go-to for this kind of situation?

(For half the day the post title said, “What to where…” instead of “What to wear..”. I have fixed this, but I am highly embarassed by the mistake because I certainly never confuse where, wear, and were.)

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