Medina, OH: Perfectly charming

Over the weekend, I was in Medina for a lacrosse tournament. My boyfriend coaches a team, and while for some of the games it was sunshiney and beautiful, it started raining halfway through the day. So I had to resort to some shopping. Medina, OH, is in a more rural area of the state, and it still has the charm of a small town. On it’s public square there are gift shops, boutiques, a consignment shop, restaurants and coffee shops, an army navy surplus store, and a toy and train museum. The shops couldn’t be more cute. I was lucky to find an equestrian-style scarf for $3 at the consignment shop and a discounted candle at the Root Candle outlet store. Also, the city’s antique shop is filled with room after room of the quirkiest stuff. Although I didn’t buy anything, it certainly helped to pass the time.

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