A simple white tank top

 When I make purchases I tend to spend all of my money on what I define as the most unique or cool thing I can find as opposed to the practical buy because that’s just more fun. And when you have a limited amount to spend, you want to buy the things that are exciting not a package of boring socks or something. So this Memorial Day, I took advantage of the 40% off sale at Ann Taylor Loft and instead of buying a flashy dress or pretty jewelry, I bought this simple white tank top. It’s amazing the difference it makes when you buy your basics at a store like Ann Taylor Loft as opposed to a store like Old Navy. Not that there is a big difference in the quality, but the little details and fitting make all of the difference to me, which is why I was extremely happy with this purchase that will go with just about anything.
Nordstrom Cardie, Ann Taylor Loft Tank Top, H&M skirt, T.J. Maxx bag, Nine West Heels, Pac Sun Shades

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