Road Trip!!! We are heading to Annapolis, MD, this weekend for something the beau has to do, and while he is doing that I am going to visit my friend Allison for Georgetown shopping, museum hopping, delicious food, and lots of catching up. It’s been a while since we took a full-fledged road trip, and it’s kind of weird, but I am excited, even though I hate being in a car for more than two hours. So I put together this little guide to help make the most out of being in the car for five hours. Enjoy!

Food. Because apparently it’s gross to stop at McDonalds if you get hungry. (Crate and Barrel picnic basket, $44.95)

Comfy clothes. Something that will help you stay comfortable in the air-conditioned car and the hot sun that will prevent the car seat from sticking to you on a hot summer day. (Charlotte Russe maxi dress, $28)

Functional bag. For running into disgusting rest stops and keeping your ID, money, and cell phone attached to you at all times. (Urban Outfitters cross body bag, $38)

Flats. No need to wear high heels in the car. But you can wear pretty flats. (Aldo flat sandals, $70)

Audio book. It’s a great way to knock something off your reading list. If only we weren’t 13th in queue to get the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from the library. (Devil in the White City audio book, $23)

Good reading. Just in case the recorded book turns out to be a bore.

NPR. If you aren’t digging what’s on the local station for the city you are driving through, I like to download free podcasts from the website. My personal fave is Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Good tunes. Bring the iPod for a possible sing a long in the car. Or me, singing by myself, with left over McDonalds French fries being thrown at me in protest.

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