An American in Paris

I am over the moon about my haircut. It had been a long time coming. I didn’t want to do anything too crazy before my sister’s wedding so I just got it trimmed. With the wedding behind me, I told my hairdresser that I didn’t want a lot of length taken off, but I still wanted something different. She gave me shorter, face framing layers in the front and back while only cutting an inch off the length. It’s exactyl what I wanted—something different.
So when I picked out this outfit, I knew I wanted to wear something stylish and work appropriate, but fun for my hair appointment later that night. Do you feel the need to dress up when you get your haircut? Maybe because the salon I go to is also a spa and serves tea in the lobby that I feel like I need to put in the extra effort. This outfit ended up making me feel very Parisian, which I loved. Oh and the best part about this outfit is that the shoes were free (hand-me downs from my aunt), the shirt was $5 at H&M, and the skirt was $10 at H&M. So all in all I spent $15 on this outfit. Nice.

H&M top; H&M skirt; Mudd Shoes

7 thoughts on “An American in Paris”

  1. i can't believe how cheap it was! looks great and so does your hair:) it's definitely fun to change up your style with a new cut. xx, Jane


  2. Such a classic and pretty look! I also dress up for hair appointments. I'm convinced it helps make the hairdresser implicitly more motivated to give a better haircut!


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