Bon voyage!

It’s that time of year. Beach vacation. For a week. Don’t be jealous. If I look smug in that picture, it’s because I am. (I am just kidding.) I appreciated all of the positive comments this past week. It will be nice to have a week to clear my head and not be attached to a computer all day long. I have some posts planned for next week including a post appropriately about packing for a beach vacation. So stay tuned. Until then, enjoy your weekend and these links:

I love this roundup of summer style

I imagined Garance Dore would be the type of person who has interesting stories to tell.

Fourth picture down. I want that outfit that Lucy Hale is wearing.

Sea of shoes and her mom on nowness. Amazing house and as always shoes. 

The top 40 culturally relevant preppies. I believe JFK should be higher.

Ok so Mad Men isn’t always entirely accurate. That’s not why I watch.

A pinup girl seems appropriate as the next link. 

I have been wondering this question myself, “Why isn’t Jon Hamm in more stuff?” Apparently crossing the line to middle America is as hard as crossing over to middle earth. 

Shameless plug. You can vote for my Mad Men look once a day.

Helen Mirren has great style, among other things.

Is Jason Schwartzman doing tai-chi without pants? Yes!

Hilarious blog: Man repeller.

(Photo by the boy)

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