Contest: Your best game day outfit and $20 gift card

You know the scene: leaves are falling, football is on TV, you can’t find any excuse not to eat the entire bowl of tortilla chips and dip yourself, and you have morphed into a jersey-wearing, scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs, angry sports fan. While only weeks/days ago you were having picnics outside wearing sundresses and sipping tea. Is that just me? So In honor of the official start to the NFL season, I am proposing a contest. Send me your best game day look. It can be as fashionable or as traditional as you like. For instance, instead of the typical jeans and jersey outfit, wear your team shirt under a blazer. Spruce it up! Add accessories. Go all out! I will choose three entries at random and then you the readers can vote for the best game day look. If you are just a college football fan, I will allow those entries as well.

And because Victoria’s Secret now offers cute team gear in their PINK NFL line, the winner will recieve a $20 gift card to Victoria’s Secret. They have a limited amount of teams, so if you can’t find your team, you will just have to spoil yourself with a new undergarment, sorry!
To enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Email your best game day look to
3. You have until September 30 to enter.

Let the games begin. Good luck!

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