Working girl: Pearls and Army green

If there is one trend or one style that I have picked up as a blogger, I would say it is mixing girly clothes with the tomboyish ones. The contrast can make an outfit so much more interesting. For instance, with this outfit, I usually would have worn the sequin top with a black cardigan. That looks cute too, and is more appropriate in certain situations, but it’s not challenging me in any way to think outside the box. Don’t get me wrong, thinking inside the box sometimes works wonders for a wardrobe, like not wearing that miniskirt that is so trendy to work (Thank god we have all moved on to longer skirts). But every once in a while throwing a kink into your normal dressing routine can take you by surprise. I was really happy with the results in this instance.
J.Crew shirt; The Limited top; H&M pants; Nine West shoes; Vintage necklace; Macy’s pearl earrings

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