Fall trip!

I’m taking a little fall trip, not to Scotland like the Cherry Blossom Girl (see link below), but to Baltimore. I can’t wait to explore the Inner Harbor area and check out their Art Museum and local shops. Any tips on what to eat, shop, see? Also, today is the deadline for the best game-day look contest, but I am extending it through the weekend. On Monday I will post the top three looks and you will get to vote for your favorite look. Hope you enjoy your weekends and these links:

Visit Be In Style to see their best of the web where they list different blogs to follow. This week there are inspirational fashion blogs. You will even see this little blog there.

Did you hear? I love Brad!

I love sheer flowy dresses. Good thing I can borrow my mom’s.

Love this bathing suit and Elizabeth Taylor.

I am all about these capes.

Design ideas for when you own a flat in the Cinque Terra region of Italy.

Lovely list of ideas for a rainy day.

Now you can smell like Maine.

Living in: Love Story, a great guide for the preppy at heart. 

(Photo via the Cherry Blossom Girl)

4 thoughts on “Fall trip!”

  1. Have fun in Baltimore! Be sure to eat some crabs at the Inner Harbor! If you like history, check out Fort McHenry! And maybe visit Annapolis too – it's only 20 minutes away.


  2. Oh yay, as a sort-of Baltimorean, I can help you with recommendations! For drinks (and food, for that matter), I'd say Brewer's Art is the best option. Or there's also a fun wine bar, called 13.5% I've also heard that the B and O Brasserie has amazing cocktails, but I haven't been there yet. Also good for food: Jack's Bistro, Petit Louis, or Atwater's (for lunch).Are you visiting the American Visionary Arts Museum? It's awesome. If you get a chance during the daytime, a trip to the shops in Hampden or the shops in Federal Hill is always nice. Also, the Johns Hopkins University campus is pretty and collegiate. Sorry to go into so many details!!! Have a delightful trip!


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