Fall trip: Baltimore

Baltimore has an east coast vibe but the grittiness of a city that has seen hard times. It’s as if someone mixed Cleveland and Norwalk in a blender, and for that I like some of the juxtaposition. A $5 palm reading is in the same shopping center as a Cheesecake Factory. And at the same time, areas like Fells Point with locally-owned seafood restaurants, Irish bars featuring live music, and trendy clothing boutiques seem to prosper, with a younger preppier crowd filling the bars. Here are some photos:

Outfit to and from the airport: (Added the Hunter Wellingtons after the flight), Old Navy jean jacket, Ralph Lauren striped top, Target scarf, H&M skirt, Dooney & Bourke purse (thrifted)

Part of the Inner Harbor flooded while we were there. We went to dinner the first night in Fells Point. Bars and restaurants were having flood sales.

We went to Bertha’s Mussels for delicious mussels cooked in Guinness beer and broiled shrimp and scallops. Here is their ceiling light covered in green bottles.

I visited the Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum as well as his current grave site. Below is where he was originally buried.

I also toured the old U.S. Navy war ship the USS Constellation, which was constructed in 1854. You can walk through all four decks of the boat and see the seaman’s and captain’s quarters.

9 thoughts on “Fall trip: Baltimore”

  1. Thanks for the love everyone. These boots were worth every penny in protection from the rain. Fells Point was by far my favorite area of Baltimore. The area near our hotel, not so much!


  2. Baltimore is such a great city. I went to Bertha's muscles this time last year too!! Did you get a bumper sticker?! Your outfit posts have been incredible lately, giving me lots of ideas.


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