Rainy day blues…

Someone I know says, you know you’re an adult when you start becoming concerned with the weather. Last winter, I wore my favorite pair of metallic silver flats through snow and rain until they were practically reduced to tatters. I am still trying to get life out of them, but I am slowly realizing that stepping in rain puddles as the heel hole grows more prominent is not fun. Heel holes are not very adult or professional. I’ve realized I need to make a change in my life. I think it is time that I become an adult when choosing footwear. A full-fledged weather-concerned adult. (Just this once)

I found these on Lands’ End’s website, and I think I have found the perfect combination of ballet flat cuteness and weather durability. I love the simplicity of the plain black pair, the stylish cap toe and bow, and the versatility of the metallic pair. Most importantly the rubber sole should help to prevent heel holes, and the price is the best for how durable they are. Is there a pair of flats you swear by in the bad weather?

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