It’s never too early…

To start Christmas shopping!!! I hate waiting until the last minute to go Christmas shopping. I think it’s so silly to hold off all of that shopping and spending for one month, which is why I try to spread it out and find deals from now until the actual day. While browsing the sale that Old Navy is having right now, I actually picked up my first Christmas present of the year, and it was on major clearance. Today is the last day at Old Navy to get 20% off of every purchase and to take advantage of the many items priced at $16 for their 16-year anniversary sale. Normally I don’t get so excited for Old Navy, but they have some really cute items right now. Like these coats. I just love the puckered collar and bright colors. It also comes in gray and black. They are normally $69.50, but today you would get 20% off. Perfect!

6 thoughts on “It’s never too early…”

  1. Oh my gosh, I am in looooveee with those coats!! I know that the last one is supposed to be blue, but it looks semi-purply in other light to my eyes. The yellow one is sooo cute too!


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