Sequins: 70s glam

1. French Connection Oyster Sequins Top, $138
2. Vince Sequin Sweatshirt, $275
3. Loft Sequin Front Sweater, $69.50
4. BCBG Two-Tone Sequin Clutch, $128
5. Kate Spade Twirl Karolina, $350
6. J.Crew Sequin Mesh Bell Skirt, $128

I have noticed an influx of sequins, and it’s not because I’m a figure skater who loves attention. I think we can attribute the increase in sequins to the resurrection of 70s glam. I’m not sure why runways were so full of the 70s recently. If TV shows and movie stars are any indication, the only person I can think of who is reviving Studio 54-like excess is Lindsay Lohan. Whatever it is, I am loving some of these silver and gold sequin pieces. I could see a gold sequin clutch going well with outfits this winter and one of the sequin sweaters livening up a pair of skinnies.

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